Medical Tourism

Health Tourism in Turkey is one of the most developing sectors in recent years, and as MTN TRAVEL making a contribution to our national economy in that area is one of our most important targets. Personal treatment plans are developed through our abroad health tourism department. We strive to move forward every day by enabling our guests to get in touch with our doctors before they come to Turkey, offering a range of services extending before and after the actual treatment. In addition, we offer our guests a variety of other services including VIP transfer, touristic tours, and all kinds of travel consultancy.

In our medical centers and hospitals, we make our patients feel at home with our friendly personnel and make them have hotel room comfort with our fully designed rooms.We benefit from high and recent technology in all our clinics, medical centers and hospitals; we work with expert doctors and thus we gain trust from our patients from abroad.

As MTN TRAVEL, we are also pleased to send our patients to their countries happily.